Avenza Maps app is available for Apple and Android devices. Easy to use and works well within the walking tracks of the Dandenong Ranges National Park. We do suggest walkers have a paper map or offline map to use too. The app works via GPS signals.

The WikiLoc Mapping App is great to use too, and free.

The Maps App process involves having the selected maps added to a shopping cart, checking out and registering for a free account with Avenza. Having said that, once registered, a number of maps can be downloaded for free. * It costs nothing to use the app and download the maps for the Dandenongs as well as other parks. We have Cathedral Ranges and a few others installed.

  • Some walking tracks are not marked on the Maps App or maybe under a different name to signage or the maps used in our walk notes. The Dandenong Ranges Map is very useful to get your bearings when out on walking tracks in the hills, as long as users are aware there may be slight inconsistencies in track names.

Download and Explore the Dandenongs!

Once installed on your device:

  • Open the app then -> Click the Shopping Trolley/Store Icon in the top bar.
  • Most maps are free, including the Dandenong Ranges Map.
  • Select ‘Filter’ to refine the results, choose – Parks, Forests & Grasslands option
  • Select and install the map – Dandenong Ranges Visitor Guide
  • The free map will be added to a shopping cart, select checkout and register for a free account with Avenza.
  • Enable location on your device

Explore the options on the app and find your way along the tracks of the Dandenong Ranges!

Review of Avenza maps app – Dandenong Ranges National Park

The Avenza Maps App Works brilliantly throughout the Dandenong Ranges walking tracks as far as we have now tested it.  The accuracy of the maps is mostly awesome, with trails being clearly marked.

The Maps App has a feature to track your journey and brings up a detailed map of the walk as well as distance covered.

Confession time: I rather enjoy having a paper map at hand and plotting the trail ahead, there is something wonderful about unfolding a paper map and working out one’s location. There was an expectation that the GPS signal would drop out once a walk descended into some gullies, but it was excellent.

As long as the user has enough battery charge on their device, this maps app will do the job well.

Download the AVENZA Maps App and have a play!

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