Anzac Memorial & Sherbrooke Forest West

Monument Track – Sherbrooke Falls Circuit Walk

Anzac Memorial to Sherbrooke Falls via Lloyd’s, Hackett’s & Monument Tracks is another excellent walk in the Dandenongs. As with almost every trail in the hills, other tracks intersect and the walk can be shortened or lengthened in a number of ways.

Walk Notes:

  • Limited parking is available near the Sherbrooke – Tourist Road junction or in the Ferny Creek Recreation Reserve.
  • Public toilets at Ferny Creek Reserve, O’Donohue or Sherbrooke Picnic Grounds.
  • Picnic tables & BBQ’s at both Sherbrooke & O’Donohue picnic grounds make ideal options for lunch. Parking at either picnic area and making that the start of the circuit walk is also an alternative.
  • Ferny Creek Recreation Reserve is also an ideal place for a picnic with BBQ’s and a playground for kids.
  • Take a map or use a reliable Map App, signs are not always visible and some maps name the tracks differently. The Parks Map App is recommended.

Anzac Memorial To Sherbrooke Falls

  • Return Distance: 6 kms approx. From Anzac Memorial, returning via Sherbrooke picnic grounds.
  • Time: 1.5 hours approx.
  • Easy > Moderate Walking
  • Not particularly Pram Friendly as the track narrows in parts and has some steps at Sherbrooke Falls. Not impossible to negotiate, though, with some effort.

Lloyd’s Track to Hackett Track:

From the Anzac Memorial signs on the corner of the Tourist Road and Sherbrooke Road, walk to the right, following Lloyd’s Track,  continue through the forest, until joining Hackett Track.

Hackett Track merges into Ridge Track, continue until the steps and path to Sherbrooke Falls can be seen on the right.

Cross over the small bridge above Sherbrooke Falls and at the other side, turn left onto Hillclimb Track. A short distance up this track and another junction will be encountered.

Decisions, decisions…

  • Walk up Ridge Track to join Wattle Track or further on to join Monument Track to return to the Anzac Memorial.


  • Turn right and follow the track up, passing close to O’Donohue picnic ground and then to Sherbrooke picnic ground where Lloyd’s Track starts by the exit to the picnic grounds. Following alongside Sherbrooke Road to the start of the walk by the Anzac Memorial.

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Sherbrooke Falls Dandenong Ranges Australia

Anzac Memorial to Sherbrooke Falls, Dandenong Ranges National Park

Sherbrook Picnic Ground & BBQ’s.

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Anzac Memorial to Sherbrooke Falls

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Anzac Memorial to Sherbrooke Falls Parking: -37.875349, 145.343466
Lloyd\'s Track - Hackett Track: -37.878078, 145.342577
Sherbrooke Falls & Return: -37.887336, 145.352187
O\'Donohue Picnic Ground: -37.883427, 145.357462
Sherbrooke Picnic Grounds: -37.881077, 145.358989
Ferny Creek Recreation Reserve: -37.875407, 145.346373
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