Mathias Track – Rock Track Circuit Walk, Olinda

Rock Track, also referred to as Golf course Track on the lower section passes between the Old Olinda Golf Course and the Hamer Arboretum. Paths lead off in various directions, so the walk can be extended easily. This circuit does involve about 1.5 km’s walking on Falls and Olinda-Monbulk roads.

Parking is available at the former Olinda Golf Course near Olinda Pool or Falls Road at the Mathias Track entry.

  • Total Distance: Just under 6 km’s
  • Walking time: 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Medium grade walk, reasonable fitness level required.
  • Parking available at the former Olinda Golf Course, Mathias Track at Falls Road or Chalet Road near the pool.
  • Toilets available at Olinda Recreation Reserve.
  • Possible to push baby prams (we have done it), though some steep sections will be encountered with tree roots exposed, not advised to push prams unless you are prepared for rough terrain in sections.
  • Dog-Friendly, on-lead.
  • Rock Track is also referred to as Golf Course Track in the lower section. Both names have been used on various maps and signage.
  • For walkers with kids who would like a bit more activity after a good walk, there is a playground at the top of the old Olinda golf course.

Walk Details:

This walk can be started from three main locations, where parking is generally easy. My preferred start point is from the former Olinda Golf Course as there is plenty of parking. The notes start from the Falls Road end of Mathias Track.

Maybe visit a cafe in Olinda or at the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens during the walk.

Assuming walkers are starting from the Falls Road/Mathias Track car park:

  • Walk up Falls Road along the verge, past the Rhododendron Gardens to the Olinda-Monbulk Road junction.
  • Turn left at Olinda-Monbulk Road by the Olinda recreation oval and continue for less than 10 minutes to Chalet Road on the left.
  • Follow down Chalet Road for about 100 metres until the track is seen heading off to the left, alongside the old Olinda Golf course.
  • At this point, you are on Rock Track/ Golf course Track. It is a little steep in parts with some tree roots exposed on the trail, can be slippery too.  The rocks, that the track is named after, are visible on the right and kids love to roam on them. Take care if walking on the rocks.
  • Continue on down until you see the sign for Cornus Track forking off to the right. Both these trails will lead to Mathias Track, Cornus is generally a little overgrown, it is slightly further, so take your pick! (image below).
  • Less than 10 minutes walking, and you will arrive at Mathias Track. It is a well-used trail and quite obvious when you get there. Turn left and walk directly for about 1km until you reach the car park at the end of Falls Road.
View from Falls Road across to Yarra Valley
Lovely views across the Rhododendron Gardens, from Falls Road towards the Yarra Valley.
Rock Track Walk
Rock Track/ Golf Course Track. A variety of European trees can be seen, lovely in the autumn. These are all part of the Hamer Arboretum, which is to the right of Rock Track. To the left is the Old Olinda Golf course.
Rock Track Walking Trail
Junction of Rock Track/ Golf Course Track (left) and Cornus Track (right). Both will lead to Mathias Track, Cornus will make it a slightly longer walk.
Mathias Track section walk
Mathias Track Section – 3 bike riders heading off down the track…

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