• Villages of Mt Dandenong Walks

Walking between the Villages of the Dandenong Ranges

Trails ramble all over the hills, going uphill and down dale.

Not all the walking trails in the hills connect directly, but, it is possible to walk between the villages of Mt Dandenong all the same.

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Over 30 walking tracks are listed on this site, providing details of many tracks that link between villages. Different variations can be used and side trails added

One of the longest walks is from Sassafras to Emerald, 15 km’s of pretty trails winding down past Kallista and Monbulk.

Walk from Belgrave to Sassafras via Kallista and Sherbrooke, then continue to Olinda and Mt Dandenong Village. From there, a great hike leads up to SkyHigh, Mt Dandenong. Needing more? Tracks also lead down to Montrose, Kalorama and Mt Evelyn from the summit.

Many of the walking tracks in the Dandenong Ranges pass through picnic grounds, packing some munchies and hitting the trails is an excellent way to spend some time out in the fresh mountain air.

Walking between the Villages of Mt Dandenong

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