Dog-Friendly circuit walk, Olinda

The Hamer Arboretum is the start of this dog-friendly walking trail through the forest, with some spectacular views across the valley. Not just for fur-babies, of course, the walk is up and down trails in a 3km circuit, passing through native bushland as well as the edges of the Arboretum.

The walk can be extended by joining up with Mathias Track which is also dog-friendly.

Walk Notes:

  • 3km’s circuit walk / 1 hour
  • Easy > Moderate
  • Parking at Hamer Arboretum
  • BBQ’s with views
  • Toilets

  • Parking at the Hamer Arboretum/ Woolrich Lookout on Chalet Road, follow Dam Track down past the BBQ area, stunning views are off to the right and a small dam is at the base of the hill.
  • Stay on the track until it junctions with Rock Track (sometimes known as Golf course Track).
  • A slight detour on the circuit, go left on Rock Track for about 10 metres and ‘Rock Track Lookout’ is on the right. No views really, but a good place to stop and appreciate the area. Be cautious on these rocks as they can be slippery.
  • Return to the track and follow up the hill until it joins into Chalet Road.
  • Turn right and follow the small track beside the road back to the Hamer Arboretum car park.


Cryptomeria Japonica -an awesome sight anytime, but especially during late Autumn/Winter as the colours change.

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (2)

Walk down past the free BBQ’s and shelters on Dam Track.

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (3)

Splendid views across the valley…

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (4)

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (5)

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (6)

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (7)

‘Paws’ a while and enjoy the dam, the reflections on the water from the surrounding trees make a pretty backdrop.

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (8)

Dam track bends around and continues uphill to meet Rock Track.

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (9)

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (10)

Rock Track Lookout. Be careful of slippery rocks!

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (11)

Heading back up Rock Track

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (12)

Gateway onto Chalet Road, turn left…

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (13)

A small track follows the road back to the Hamer Arboretum & Woolrich Lookout.

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (14)

Dog-friendly-walks-dandenong-ranges (15)

Back again! Not a long walk by any stretch of the imagination, but it is pretty and has enough uphill climbing to make for a reasonable workout!

Looking for a long walk with your dog? Try the Mathias Track /Rock Track loop.

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