Mathias Track to Silvan Road – 3.74 km’s each way

Mathias Track is an easy, straightforward walk that is very popular with bushwalkers, dog owners, horse riders and mountain bikers. It does get busy, especially on weekends, though, it’s always a joy to hike along. It’s not as busy as the 1000┬áSteps walk, but has its fair share of foot traffic.

The track is muddy in parts during winter and usually remains this way until the end of September, it is still usable, but please keep in mind that good footwear will be required to keep your feet dry.

Mathias Track passes below the Dandenong Ranges Botanic Gardens (formerly the National Rhododendron Gardens) and Hamer Arboretum. Numerous trails lead off in all directions, a whole day can easily be spent hiking the trails in this part of the Dandenong Ranges National Park.

Dense forest on either side of the track opens up with occasional views across to Silvan and the Yarra Valley, autumn colour towards the Silvan Road end of Mathias Track is often really pretty and a popular spot for photographers.

A recent bike ride down Mathias Track is below, showing what to expect of a bushwalk along this trail. It is filmed on ‘timewarp’ mode on a Go Pro Hero 7 Black camera, so it is only 1 minute 32 seconds long despite having been a 20-minute bike ride!

Quick Facts – Mathias Track

  • Dog-friendly. Find dog-friendly cafes and more walking trails here.
  • Open to horse riding and mountain biking
  • 3.74 km each way. Easy Walking
  • The main access points are from the Silvan Road end or Falls Road end, plus there is access from the Hamer Arboretum or former Olinda Golf Course too. Parking is available at all spots.
  • Stay on the main trail for this walk and no further information is required, it is one of the most straightforward walks in the hills.

Please note: This track was previously known as Mathias Road. It is still marked as such on some maps.

As an alternative walk that can also include Mathias Track, the old Olinda golf course is a fabulous walking area where dogs can be off lead and they will generally always have lots of company. Many locals walk their dogs here and it has some of the best views in the hills.

Park at the Golf Course and walk down the fairways, if you keep heading slightly to the lower-left corner, it joins into Mathias Track. Perfect for an off-lead romp and then back on the lead along Mathias Track in either direction.

A large children’s playground is currently under construction on the golf course, due to be completed mid-2019, it will be the perfect family spot to play and walk your dog in the off-lead section.

The Rock Track circuit walk also joins Mathias Track and runs down beside the golf course.

Get Directions to the former Olinda Golf Course.

Get Directions to Silvan Road end (good autumn colour this end) or Falls Road (can also access from Hamer Arboretum)

Mathias Track Dandenong Ranges Dog-Friendly
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