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Listing a business:

Local Business Promotion on Explore The Dandenongs is kept simple. Each category offers a full page advertorial for relevant businesses in the Dandenong Ranges.

With over 20,000 page views on the website a month (as at April 2017) and a very active Facebook following, ‘Explore The Dandenongs’ offers great value advertising at less than $2 per week.

Categories are available for:

    • Cafes & Restaurants
    • Shopping
    • Accommodation
    • Attractions & Activities
    • Tours
    • Therapeutic Services: Day Spas, Fitness etc.
    • Other relevant categories considered, please ask.


Business Advertising  ~  $85 Full Page Editorial & Map Link or $45 Map Link Only  ( 1 year )

 Benefits of promoting a business on ‘Explore The Dandenongs’ include:

  • Whole Page Advertorial with your website link, contact details & featured image.
  • Businesses without a website can use the page to refer customers to (eg: explorethedandenongs.com.au/your-business-name).
  • Links directly to a business website, booking page or as preferred (Booking.com, Airbnb etc.).
  • No Booking Engine or Commission Fees – Accommodation providers choose how they prefer to be contacted. Any existing link to a business on our accommodation page can be changed as preferred.
  • Every business is ‘tagged’ with the village location and will appear in searches from our footer area and by category.
  • Each business is added to the main map of walks and businesses with text and a link. The text can be updated with current specials up to 6 times per year.
  • $85 Full Page Editorial & Map Link or $45 Map Link Only  ( 1 year )

Sidebar Advertising: From $30 per week. One position only, contact us.

Optimised, uncluttered, website with an easy to use navigation menu. Questions?

Please contact us to submit a business.


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