Sherbrooke to the Summit of Mt Dandenong, via Sassafras

The Sherbrooke to Mt Dandenong Summit walk can also be started from Ferny Creek. Passing through the Alfred Nicholas Gardens to Sassafras and then descending the mountain on the other side of Sassafras to then make the ascent to the top.

This walk can also be combined with the Belgrave – Sassafras Walk, making it rather an epic hike.

Reverse direction walk notes are added at the end of this page for walkers starting at the Mt Dandenong summit.

Get Driving Directions to Nicholas Gardens

Public Transport: Train to Belgrave then bus route no. 694 towards Olinda. Get o the bus opposite the Alfred Nicholas Gardens on Sherbrooke Road to start the walk.

OR train to Upper Ferntree Gully station or Croydon station then bus route no. 688 to Mt Dandenong Summit and Skyhigh.

Walk Notes:

  • Distance – 13kms | 3-4 hours ONE-WAY
  • Moderate > Hard, though not extremely hard by any means.
  • Toilets: Alfred Nicholas Gardens, Sassafras, SkyHigh, Mt Dandenong.
  • Park opposite the Alfred Nicholas Gardens on Sherbrooke Road or start the walk from Ferny Creek Recreation Reserve and walk along Sherbrooke Rd / Tan Track to the gardens. The walk can also be started in Sassafras.
  • Alfred Nicholas Gardens close at 5 pm. The walk can follow down Nobles Lane as an alternative.

Starting from The Alfred Nicholas Gardens

  • Walk down through the gardens to the gate at the very bottom corner which comes out on ‘The Crescent’.
  • Turn left immediately and follow the track to where it again meets The Crescent.
  • Cross over the road and re-join the track. Follow it until the steps lead off to the left. 
  • Go up the steps and this will take walkers into Sassafras.
  • Cross over the Mt Dandenong Tourist Road and walk a short way down Mountain Highway, past Gepetto’s Toy Shop, to Old Coach Road.
  • Stay on Old Coach Road as it becomes a walking trail, it is about 1km to the next section of this hike.
  • At the junction of School Track, turn right and then, almost immediately, left onto Bradley Track
  • Follow Bradley Track all the way until it joins Range Track, then turn left and walk down to Olinda – Basin Road.
  • Turn right and walk 300 meters up Olinda-Basin Road until Dandenong Creek Track, on the left.
  • Follow Dandenong Creek Track until the junction with Channel 10 Track
  •  Turn right onto Channel 10 Track until the junction with ZigZag Track
  • Turn right and head up Zig Zag Track, until reaching the junction with Towers Track
  • Turn left onto Towers Track until meeting Kyeema Track
  • Turn left onto Kyeema Track and follow it along past Burkes Lookout, continuing all the way on the track which runs below SkyHigh.
  • Trig Track finally leads off to the right (at the time of these notes being written there is no signpost for Trig Track) From Burkes Lookout it is 1.5kms to Trig Track.
  • Turn right, follow Trig Track all the way up to SkyHigh!

Sherbrooke - Sasafras to Mount Dandenong Hike

Alfred Nicholas Gardens


Track leading to Sassafras


Old Coach Road as it winds down the hill from Sassafras.


Bradley Track



Range Road/Track as it leads to the Olinda-Basin Road.


Dandenong Creek Track


Dandenong Creek Track.


Junction with ZigZag Track heading off to the right.


Top of ZigZag Tracks where it joins with Towers Track.


Channel 10 TV tower


Views across Melbourne from Burkes Lookout on the Kyeema Track.


Kyeema Track, going towards SkyHigh, Mount Dandenong.


Kyeema Track near the junction with Trig Track, leading up to SkyHigh.


Views from SkyHigh, Mount Dandenong.

Sherbrooke-Sassafras-Mt Dandenong Hike

Reverse Walk Notes: SkyHigh, Mt Dandenong to Sherbrooke, via Sassafras.

  • From SkyHigh walk down the exit road until Trig Track, turn left and walk down to Kyeema Track.
  • Turn left onto Kyeema Track and follow for 1.5Km’s to Burkes Lookout.
  • Continue on Kyeema until it joins with Towers Track, turn right and walk down the hill.
  • Towers Track joins ZigZag Track, turn right and continue down to the next junction.
  • Turn left onto Channel 10 Track and follow until the junction with Dandenong Creek Track.
  • Follow Dandenong Creek Track all the way to Olinda-Basin Road and walk down the road 300 metres until Range Track/Road is on the left.
  • Follow Range Track a short way, then turn right onto Bradley Track.
  • Continue walking on Bradley Track until it reaches School Track, turn right and then the next left onto Old Coach Road.
  • Follow Old Coach for about 1km to Sassafras.
  • Cross the road at Sassafras to continue the walk on the other side, beside the Sassafras Hall.
  • Walk down the steps and then turn right, continue until reaching ‘The Crescent’.
  • Cross over the road and re-join the trail, walking down until again meeting the road.
  • Turn right immediately and enter the Alfred Nicholas Gardens.
  • Keep walking up through the gardens to the main entrance.
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