Lyrebird Habitat, walk quietly…

This is another wonderful part of the Dandenong Ranges. Walk quietly at any time of the day and you may see a lyrebird. Evenings and early morning are best for spotting these lovely birds.

An unexpected surprise is in store for walkers, wonderful hand-made dragons’ nests are tucked away along the track, there to be found as you wander – we will not say exactly where… Enjoy the fun of the nests, but leave them undisturbed… Dragons, Dinosaurs…let your imagination run free…


  • Distance: From about 900 metres return or longer if desired.
  • Duration: 10 minutes to 1.5 hours or more…
  • Parking: Grantulla Road.
  • Toilets: None, unless diverting into Grants Picnic Ground. The Hardy Gully Trail which leads into Grants is an easy diversion from Neuman Track and is also an alternative starting point.
  • No Dogs. Dog-friendly walks in the Dandenongs.
  • Pram Friendly mostly, but can get muddy and the track narrows – see images.
  • Get directions to Neuman’s Track Parking.

Lyrebird Walk & Neuman Road (track)

  • From the car park on Grantulla Road, enter Neuman’s Road/Track or use the car park area at the entrance to Foden’s Track and walk down Foden’s to join Neuman’s (see the map).
  • A short distance in walkers will be rewarded with a surprise. Made by locals, giant ‘bird’s nests’ have been created and are a delight. Leave the area as it is found please and do not disturb.
  • To make this a short circuit walk: If starting at the beginning of Neuman’s – walk up Foden’s Track to the road and turn left back to the car or do the reverse if you have started at the top of Foden’s Track.
  • Otherwise: Continue down Neuman’s, staying on the track and passing through a gate into a sensitive Lyrebird habit.
  • Keep on Neuman’s, watching and listening for Lyrebirds, wallabies, echidnas etc. The track dips down through tree ferns and the joins Lyrebird Walk.
  • At the junction of the tracks, it is not far to Grants Picnic Ground, toilets and cafe if you head left or continue the circuit walk following the Lyrebird Walk track off to the right.
  • Lyrebird Walk comes out near Grantulla Road, pass through the gate and turn right onto Halls Track.
  • The track narrows and runs alongside Grantulla Road. There is just one more fork in the track, both options return to the car parking area and are about the same distance.
  • The walk, as with many if not all, the walks in the Dandenong Ranges, can be lengthened. Tracks intercept and hikers can spend all day wandering the hills. It is possible to head to Grants Picnic area, carefully cross the road and join a track to Sherbrooke Falls and beyond. The 100 Thousand Steps could even be included or a hike to Mt Dandenong…
  • Look at the map at the end of the page, download the map app.… and go rambling where ever you desire!

Neuman Track - Lyrebird Walk, Sherbrooke Forest
From the car park on Grantulla Road

Neuman Track - Lyrebird Walk, Sherbrooke Forest

Neuman Track - Lyrebird Walk, East Sherbrooke Forest
“A serendipitous encounter” – occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way. The ‘Dragons Nests’ will delight walkers of all ages…
Neuman Track - Lyrebird Walk, East Sherbrooke Forest
Wonderful old tree on Foden’s Track. If it only a short walk you are after, turn from Neuman’s Track onto Foden Track and return to the car park, doing a circuit. OR continue on Neumans Track/Road…

Neuman Track - Lyrebird Walk, East Sherbrooke Forest

Neuman Track - Lyrebird Walk, East Sherbrooke Forest

Neuman Track - Lyrebird Walk, East Sherbrooke Forest
Heading up Lyrebird Walk, turn right at the gate to follow Halls Track along to the starting point.

Neuman Track - Lyrebird Walk, East Sherbrooke Forest

Neuman Track - Lyrebird Walk, East Sherbrooke Forest
The path narrows along this section, which could make it tricky for pushing a baby pram. Make your own decision as to whether it is suitable.

Neuman Track - Lyrebird Walk, East Sherbrooke Forest

Neuman Track - Lyrebird Walk, East Sherbrooke Forest
Grantulla Road is on the left. At this junction towards the end of the walk – either track may be used as they both soon return to the car park.



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8 thoughts on “Neuman Track – Lyrebirds Walk”

  1. Dragon’s nests now everywhere. Muddy foot tracks and litter. What was one a special place has been largely spoiled. More recently it looks like a film set was constructed and burned down inside the national park. It is very sad to see. I can’t help think that this is due to publications such as this one as being a great place to see dragon’s nests. They don’t belong there. Shame.

    • Hi Tim, I walk in the area quite a lot and was surprised to see the filming of the Ned Kelly movie going on as it seemed an odd location and certainly impacted the track and the whole area was muddy. The building for the shootout was just being constructed ready to be burnt down. A lot of families have enjoyed the area and local children are regulars I believe. Hopefully, the track will be restored and the litter and any debris that was left behind taken away soon.

  2. For many years I had always liked this area as most of the tourists at Grants never bothered exploring further. It was a very quiet track well known to locals but that was generally it. You would often see lyrebirds doing their thing but I had been puzzled by the recent appearance of the dragon nests and the increased numbers of visitors who didn’t quite get the idea of being quiet. On Friday it was like Bourke St. And the dragon nests were sprouting everywhere – don’t these people get the idea that less is more. It’s a nice gesture to publicise places but, you know, you don’t have to advertise every place. If people are curious they will find them.

    • The hills are getting busier these days and it must be good for the local businesses, but can seem overwhelming at times perhaps. I had been contacted a number of times by people asking where to find the nests as it is so much fun for kids, especially those from the city. I’ll admit that sometimes it can be busy on tracks, though I then look at the different people getting out and families all out walking and that is such a positive aspect.

    • Ha, yes. True indeed. I do like the term ‘baby buggy’ and add it without thinking about it at times. I assume it is understood and may assist anyone from the U.k.

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